Latest News – 16 Camera System Fully Installed from only £31.82 per week*

16 Camera System and HD Tribird DVR commercial system package


Fully Installed from only £31.82 per week*

 Application range:

1 x 16 Channel HD 1080p DVR recorder 8TB

16 x External Colour Dome HD 1080p Cameras With Infra-Red

LED’s and Varifocal lens

4 x 4 way 12Volt Power supply unit

1 x 22” LED Monitor

1 x 230V Electrical fused spur unit

 Your benefits at a glance:

H.264 dual stream compression, real time recording, 1080p/720p HD

resolution, mobile/tablet. remote viewing, a massive 12TB storage

and USB device & Hard drivebackup options. The whole range

uses the same operating system and user interface

making them easy to use & setup.

Midlands Electrical Fire & Security Limited are pleased to partner with Focus Leasing to offer their customers a

comprehensive range of finance options, with terms from 12 months to 5 years.

Focus have been arranging competitive funding since 1994.

Improve Cashflow Your system can be installed and operational without the need for any capital expenditure.

Have what you need today with no cash outlay.

Retain Credit Lines Keep existing banking arrangements, credit lines and cash free for uses that are more

appropriate. Our finance facilities cannot be withdrawn like overdraft facilities. Use bank funding for working capital

to maintain a healthy business.

Simplify Budgeting Payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement enabling accurate and simple

budgeting and forecasting. Bank facilities are generally related to interest rates, which is fine when they are low but

can cripple cashflow when they increase.

Let the Equipment Pay for Itself Enable the finance payments to coincide with the benefits of having the new

equipment as they start to appear. You wouldn’t pay all your staff costs up front! Pay for the equipment as you gain

the benefits, not before.

Keep Up to Date Have what you really need to do the best job for you, not just what your budget limits you to.

Simple Approval in Tw o Ways First of all leasing may be classed as a revenue item for budget purposes which

may make it easier for you to obtain authorisation for the expenditure. Secondly, our approval process only takes

one phone call and an approval is usually provided the same day

For more information, please call MEFS on 01782 266010

or Focus on 01794 525930 quoting 16HDDVR-13040


 *Weekly cost is based on a fixed term 5 year agreement with payments made monthly following installation.

Figures are subject to credit approval and assume a minimum 3 year trading history.